Captain Marvin Miller is a native of the Mangrove Cay soil. He was born into a family of both commercial and sport fishermen. Marvin is now carrying on this legacy to the fourth generation where he has been a professional guide for the past twenty years. He has inherited and perfected a keen sense for spotting any type of fish you desire to catch, while reading the tides.


Navigating his way through the creeks of Andros, and exploring new grounds on the "West Side" is a skill that cannot be duplicated. This young Mangrovian prefers to get an early start at the break of dawn, he says it´s a once in a lifetime experience to be reeling in a bone the same time the sun breaks the horizon. You can rest assure that he is punctual and always has his equipment in tip top shape. He lives by the motto "safety first".


Just recently Marvin have had his most prized trip on the "West Side" with an incoming tide, the final two hours of the day. Two Tarpons were spotted and landed, one of which weighed 100lbs. to add to the catch before retiring was an 11 lbs. Bonefish, now that's the way to end a day!